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Volkswagen Corrado G60 Chiptuning Stages Explained

Before you start swapping parts in order to get more power out of your corrados G60 engine, please be aware that modification has to come AFTER proper engine maintenance.. The car has to be in mint condition, as close to perfect as possible before you start upgrading your G60 motor. If you have any problems with stuff like idling speeds, throttle lag, weird sounds coming out ouf the engine or exhaust or any other drivability issues, fix that as it will save you alot of nerves and money down the road.

By now you’ve probably heared about volkswagen corrado G60 chip tuning and stage kits, below is a partial list to help you understand each of those setups (horsepower differs and end results should be tested on a dyno, but gains on a G60 can be achieved relatively easy and they are noticeable..

G60 Stage II includes:
-Swap stock with a 68mm pulley for the supercharger
-Do ISV reroute or check valve
-Fit a stage II G60 chip (several vendors)
-Put a Low-temperature fan switch and check valve

G60 Stage III:
-All items included in stage II plus a 260 deg. cam

Volkswagen G60 Stage IV:
-Same as stage III with a 268/260 cam plus stage IV chip

Stage V:
In most cases Stage IV plus (varies):
-Smaller pulley for the G60 supercharger
-Larger injectors
-Heavy-duty cam
-Full Porting mods – head, intake manifold, throttle body..
-Tuning Chips with different behavior, depending on other parts..

Volkswagen Corrado Wallpapers

I give you two free corrado wallpapers that my little cousin made, I think he used corrado pictures of vortex members but I’m not sure, all I know the cars on these wallpapers aren’t mine :) First is a spooky wallpaper of a factory falling apart and the second one features a nice open road going up into the mountains and a candy red corrado which will make your desktop brighter and make you want to take a break from work and take a ride

How to fix your corrado sunroof for good

 Is the sunroof in your Corrado broken? It was on mine.. This is a brief article on how to get the corrado sunroof working. The most beneficial advice here is not to fix the corrado guides and sunroof parts because they break easily and will break again, go with the jetta or passat moonroof, check ebay or local crapyard for parts.. When you get the parts, below is a list of steps in general, and a link to another useful corrado sunroof swap site, with some pics that might be useful.
First remove sunroof motor cover, sun visors, “A” pillar trim, corrado sunroof headliner moulding, and undo the B&C pillar covers, and then slide the headliner out. Then remove the four water runoff tubes from the sunroof assembly, and unplug sunroof motor wiring harness. Then you need to unbolt the sunroof assembly from your corrado. 10 bolts are holding it in, three along the car sides and four in the front. When the bolts are off, drop the front down and slide it towards the windshield and remove. These steps are easier with an assistant.
Now you take the passat or jetta moonroof up into the designated place in the Corrado roof and thread one or two of the bolts in along the front edge of the moonroof just to hold it in place, no need to tighten them up. The whole A3 sunroof assembly needs to sit a bit lower in the corrado so you’ll have to use some washers as spacers to align it perfectly. The wiring part can be a bit tricky and it differs from car to car and age to age, maybe the link below will help you, or hit the forums, hope this corrado sunroof fix post was at least a bit useful :)

More info and some pics on this site here:


300bhp Corrado VR6 turbo video

This has to be one of the sexiest corrados out there, props to the owner who seems to have build it himself, claims to have 300 horsepower and custom made exhaust which sounds awesome.. Pearl efffect violet paint looks great, and so does his tan corrado interior.. Enjoy these three mins :)

Volkswagen Corrado VR6 Specs

Corrado VR6 Engine




6-cylinders in a 15° V

(VR6 is “V-Reihenmotor” or “V in-line”).


Transverse. Front-wheel
drive.  Electronic Limited Slip Differential (through ABS sensors)
below 15mph

Valve gear

2 valves per cylinder,
Single camshaft per bank.

Hydraulic maintenance free tappets.

Bore &

82.0 x 90.3mm



Peak power

190bhp (140kW) at 5800

Peak torque

181lb ft (245Nm) at
4200 rpm

Specific output


Ignition / fuel

Bosch Motronic fuel
injection, fully mapped ignition, catalytic converter.

Battery V/A (Ah)

12/280 (60)

Alternator, amps



Corrado VR6  Gearbox


5-speed manual


1st 3.78, 2nd 2.12, 3rd
1.46, 4th 1.03, 5th 0.84

mph / 1000 rpm

1st 5.2, 2nd 9.3, 3rd
13.5, 4th 19.2, 5th 23.5

Final drive



Corrado VR6  Suspension


MacPherson struts
(Sachs dampers), lower wishbones, coil springs, anti-roll bar.

Track stabilising steering geometry.


Trailing arms with
track-correcting bearings, torsion beam axle, anti-roll bar.


Corrado VR6  Steering


Rack and pinion

Lock to lock

3.1 turns


Corrado VR6  Brakes


Diagonally split
circuits. Brake servo and load-sensitive brake pressure regulator.


280mm ventilated discs


226mm discs




Corrado VR6  Dimensions and weights


4050 mm


1690 mm

across mirrors

1824 mm


1320 mm


880 mm
(front), 695mm (rear)


129 mm


2475 mm


1210 kg


1240 kg


370 kg

load limit

930 kg
(front) / 710 kg (rear)

permitted weight

1580 kg


64% / 36%


10.5 m

Tank Capacity

70.0 litres
(14.5 Imperial Gallons)

Corrado VR6  Stock Wheels & Tyres


6.5Jx15, 5X100 stud
pattern, ET43 offset.


205/50 R15V

Corrado VR6  Load limits

Braked 12º

1200 kg


600 kg

Max. roof load

75 kg

Corrado VR6
Luggage capacity

Rear seats up

235 litres

Read seats down

810 litres

G60 vs VR6 drag race

There’s an endless discussion about which one is faster or more tuneable, G60 or a vr6 corrado and here’s a sample drag race video, black corrado the G60 and silver is VR6..


Anyway, in general, a g60 corrado is cheaper to run, and better in corners because VR6 is nose heavy, but it does have more power and once the speeds are high, you can feel that extra power (from 0-60mph not such a big difference..). As far as corrado tuning (for performance) goes, G60 is cheaper to fix and upgrade, while VR6 requires alot of money but the results are simply amazing.. and one thing G60 cannot even compete with VR6 is the great vr6 engine sound.

Volkswagen Corrado Commercial (1989)

Nowadays people are used to twists and funny commercials, but back at the time this volkswagen commercial was shot it was pretty unique and original. It has a funny plot, as there were two ways to make a volkswagen reach 200km/h, one is to drop a vw beetle from a helicopter, and the other cooler way is to buy a corrado :)  watch this vw corrado commercial below..

Corrado Body Kits, bumpers and spoilers

OK this time instead of writing myself, I’ll copy the info that mack73 posted on VW Vortex corrado forum, it’s quite useful, and you have all the corrady body kit options listed below (I myself am a fan of minimalistic styling and justifying it with purpose, and it makes me sick seeing some riced out all plastic space-invader style corrados :)

There are basically 9 companies making 12 front bumpers to choose from, they are 1. ABD/Erebuni/Oettinger, 2. Dietrich, 3. Mattig, 4. Rieger GTB, GTS, R-RS and GTO styles, 5. Zender, 6. Kamei, 7. Seidl, 8. Lumma, 9. RS
1. The ABD/Erebuni/Oettinger are all the same made my different companies- Oettinger made the bumper originally but has since quit, ABD sell one ( http://www.abdracing.com ), also Erebuni sells one- called style 846 ( http://www.groundeffects.com )
2, 3 and 4 (R-RS style) are almost identical. The major difference is in the overall height of the bumpers and the fact that the Mattig requires the use of MK3 turns and fogs. The lowest bumper is the Mattig followed by the Rieger, the highest from the ground is the Dietrich. The Dietrich and Mattig are full replacements, whereas the Rieger is an add on to the stock bumper, Also the Rieger is made out of ABS instead of fiberglass like the Dietrich and Mattig. The Dietrich can be bought directly from Germany ( http://www.dietrichtuning.de ) or through distributors in the US. The Mattig and Rieger can be bought through distributors in the US like RPI Equipped ( http://www.rpi-equipped.com )
4. Rieger GTB, GTS and the Widebody GTO styles are all available from RPI ( http://www.rpi-equipped.com )
5. The Zender is also not made anymore but a copy can be found from Erebuni, On there website its called style 190
6. The Kamei Freedom Design Bodykit can be bought from Rocky Mountain Motorworks under the label Aero Kit G60 and Vr6 ( http://www.motorworks.com )
7. The Siedl “Venus” bumper is made in europe by Siedl Tuning and can be bought from their website ( http://www.seidl-tuning.de ). There is a US copy made by e-strictly foreign but all of there stuff is made very badly so stay away from all of there stuff.
8. The Lumma Bumper. This bumper is also made in europe by Lumma Tuning. It can be purchased from Stroeve Motorsports ( http://www.csi-auto.nl/carshopping/0512 )
9. Lastly the RS bumper, The bumper uses turn signals from A2’s. It can be purchased from TM Tuning ( http://www.tmtuning.com )
Now sideskirts, there are basically 7 companies making 10 different sideskirts, 1. The ones that goes with the ABD/Erebuni/Oettinger kit, 2. Rieger R-RS Infinity, GTB, GTS, GTO, 3. Custom ones made by Zarman on Vortex,. 4. Zender, 5. Kamei, 6. Seidl, 7. Lumma
1. The ABD/Erebuni/Oettinger ones can be bought from the sites previously given
2. The Rieger sides can be bought from the previously listed site
3. Zarman’s custom ones can be bought from his site ( http://www.lunchbox3.com/shop/ )
4. Zender sideskirts can be bought from the previously listed sites
5. Kamei sideskirts can be bought from the previously listed sites
6. Seidl sideskirts can be bought from the previously listed sites
7. Lumma sideskirts can be bought from the previously listed sites
Lastly Rear Aprons, There are 8 companies making 10 different bumper options to choose from The last option requires custom modifications to any US spec front chin spoiler, 1. ABD/Erebuni/Oettinger, 2. Dietrich, 3. Mattig, 4. Rieger GTB, R-RS, GTO, 5. Zender, 6. Kamei, 7. Seidl, 8. Lumma, 9. Some people use a stock chin spoiler as a rear apron
1. ABD/Erebuni/Oettinger rear bumpers can be found at the sites listed above
2. Dietrich makes a rear bumper, the only modification is a indent for a license plate in the bumper instead of on the hatch, again they can be purchased at the previously site
3. Mattig does the same thing and Dietrich and makes a bumper with an indent for a license plate; The bumper can be purchased at the previous site
4. Rieger GTB, R-RS, GTO Rear bumpers can be purchased from the previously listed site
5. Zender rear bumpers can be found again at the Erebuni site
6. Kamei rear bumpers can be purchased from the previously listed site
7. Seidl rear bumpers can be purchased from the previously listed site
8. Lumma rear bumpers can be purchased from the previously listed site
9. The Stock chin spoiler takes a lot of custom work; basically it requires cutting the spoiler at the exhaust cut out, and bending the ends to match the contour of the rear bumper. Lastly the ends need to be cut off at the wheel well and end caps glued or plastic welded back on
Pictures for all of these kits can be found at there respective websites. There are many other sources to purchase these bodyparts, I only supplied one such source

Corrado Styling – Tail light options, aftermarket or tinting

If you have a corrado with stock tail lights (amber turn signals, red brake lights, white reverse light) you’re probably bored with the looks, and there are many options you can choose..
There are some ready-made aftermarket tail lights for corrado, in-pro comes to mind first but you’ll easily find some others online, or you can go the do it yourself route and tint them yourself. Also, in case you bought a corrado with a horrid tail light tinting job, you can remove the tint in a number of ways, using nail polish remover, acetone, or stuff like different specialized paint thinners, even brake fluid works.. Now that you have the taillights on your corrado as stock, you can start the tinting process. The key is using TRANSPARENT paint (most ppl go with candy red grape or simply black) and apply it in several thin coats, let it dry between applying coats, and finish off with a clearcoat (also in two passes), that should give a very nice result.. of course, be sure to either take the lights off your corrado, or at least use some masking tape so you don’t mess up the bodywork.

If you decide to go with ready made aftermarked corrado tail lights, now there’s alot of styles, you can get all clear lexus style lights, half clear half red, dark tinted corrado taillights, all red etc, all you need to do is choose..

G60 to 1.8T engine swap conversion

After researching the topic of corrado engine swaps (what a lot of people are doing nowadays), replacing the old and relatively unreliable G60 engines with 1.8 Turbo (from newer Golf GTIs, passats or audi A4s) the conclusion seems to be that its worth the money, and although sometimes results are described as less fun, they also seem to be less of a hassle in the long run.

The process itself isn’t all that complicated in theory, but wiring and cooling are a bit tricky. The 1.8T engine bolts on directly onto the original G60 corrado transmission, you need to make a custom exhaust route and improvise a bit around with the alternator, leaving you the main headache around air conditioning connections, air intake and intercooler & connecting tubes..

There are a number of options on how to get a 1.8T engine into your corrado, from DIY guides over to firms specialised in this kind of engine swap. Of course, a turnkey 1.8turbo engine swap is quite expensive.

Corrado owners who’ve done the engine swap say that it can cost anywhere from $6000 to just under $11000 (parts and labour) and the upper price includes some basic modification and upgrades so you’re not just getting the stock 1.8T engine.. Still, for VR6 owners the more reasonable way to go is to simply stick with their VR6 engine and for a third of the amount mentioned earlier, freshen up your engine with new pistons, timming chain tensioners and gaskets all round.

Keep in mind that if you do decide on doing the conversion yourself, you might get stuck with a bunch of small things (like some people did) such as the instrument cluster malfunction etc, so unless you really know your way around cars, you’ll probably want to avoid the hassle and get a professional to put the 1.8 T instead of your existing G60 or VR6..