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G60 to 1.8T engine swap conversion

After researching the topic of corrado engine swaps (what a lot of people are doing nowadays), replacing the old and relatively unreliable G60 engines with 1.8 Turbo (from newer Golf GTIs, passats or audi A4s) the conclusion seems to be that its worth the money, and although sometimes results are described as less fun, they also seem to be less of a hassle in the long run.

The process itself isn’t all that complicated in theory, but wiring and cooling are a bit tricky. The 1.8T engine bolts on directly onto the original G60 corrado transmission, you need to make a custom exhaust route and improvise a bit around with the alternator, leaving you the main headache around air conditioning connections, air intake and intercooler & connecting tubes..

There are a number of options on how to get a 1.8T engine into your corrado, from DIY guides over to firms specialised in this kind of engine swap. Of course, a turnkey 1.8turbo engine swap is quite expensive.

Corrado owners who’ve done the engine swap say that it can cost anywhere from $6000 to just under $11000 (parts and labour) and the upper price includes some basic modification and upgrades so you’re not just getting the stock 1.8T engine.. Still, for VR6 owners the more reasonable way to go is to simply stick with their VR6 engine and for a third of the amount mentioned earlier, freshen up your engine with new pistons, timming chain tensioners and gaskets all round.

Keep in mind that if you do decide on doing the conversion yourself, you might get stuck with a bunch of small things (like some people did) such as the instrument cluster malfunction etc, so unless you really know your way around cars, you’ll probably want to avoid the hassle and get a professional to put the 1.8 T instead of your existing G60 or VR6..

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