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Corrado Styling – Tail light options, aftermarket or tinting

If you have a corrado with stock tail lights (amber turn signals, red brake lights, white reverse light) you’re probably bored with the looks, and there are many options you can choose..
There are some ready-made aftermarket tail lights for corrado, in-pro comes to mind first but you’ll easily find some others online, or you can go the do it yourself route and tint them yourself. Also, in case you bought a corrado with a horrid tail light tinting job, you can remove the tint in a number of ways, using nail polish remover, acetone, or stuff like different specialized paint thinners, even brake fluid works.. Now that you have the taillights on your corrado as stock, you can start the tinting process. The key is using TRANSPARENT paint (most ppl go with candy red grape or simply black) and apply it in several thin coats, let it dry between applying coats, and finish off with a clearcoat (also in two passes), that should give a very nice result.. of course, be sure to either take the lights off your corrado, or at least use some masking tape so you don’t mess up the bodywork.

If you decide to go with ready made aftermarked corrado tail lights, now there’s alot of styles, you can get all clear lexus style lights, half clear half red, dark tinted corrado taillights, all red etc, all you need to do is choose..

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