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How to fix your corrado sunroof for good

 Is the sunroof in your Corrado broken? It was on mine.. This is a brief article on how to get the corrado sunroof working. The most beneficial advice here is not to fix the corrado guides and sunroof parts because they break easily and will break again, go with the jetta or passat moonroof, check ebay or local crapyard for parts.. When you get the parts, below is a list of steps in general, and a link to another useful corrado sunroof swap site, with some pics that might be useful.
First remove sunroof motor cover, sun visors, “A” pillar trim, corrado sunroof headliner moulding, and undo the B&C pillar covers, and then slide the headliner out. Then remove the four water runoff tubes from the sunroof assembly, and unplug sunroof motor wiring harness. Then you need to unbolt the sunroof assembly from your corrado. 10 bolts are holding it in, three along the car sides and four in the front. When the bolts are off, drop the front down and slide it towards the windshield and remove. These steps are easier with an assistant.
Now you take the passat or jetta moonroof up into the designated place in the Corrado roof and thread one or two of the bolts in along the front edge of the moonroof just to hold it in place, no need to tighten them up. The whole A3 sunroof assembly needs to sit a bit lower in the corrado so you’ll have to use some washers as spacers to align it perfectly. The wiring part can be a bit tricky and it differs from car to car and age to age, maybe the link below will help you, or hit the forums, hope this corrado sunroof fix post was at least a bit useful :)

More info and some pics on this site here:


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