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Volkswagen Corrado G60 Chiptuning Stages Explained

Before you start swapping parts in order to get more power out of your corrados G60 engine, please be aware that modification has to come AFTER proper engine maintenance.. The car has to be in mint condition, as close to perfect as possible before you start upgrading your G60 motor. If you have any problems with stuff like idling speeds, throttle lag, weird sounds coming out ouf the engine or exhaust or any other drivability issues, fix that as it will save you alot of nerves and money down the road.

By now you’ve probably heared about volkswagen corrado G60 chip tuning and stage kits, below is a partial list to help you understand each of those setups (horsepower differs and end results should be tested on a dyno, but gains on a G60 can be achieved relatively easy and they are noticeable..

G60 Stage II includes:
-Swap stock with a 68mm pulley for the supercharger
-Do ISV reroute or check valve
-Fit a stage II G60 chip (several vendors)
-Put a Low-temperature fan switch and check valve

G60 Stage III:
-All items included in stage II plus a 260 deg. cam

Volkswagen G60 Stage IV:
-Same as stage III with a 268/260 cam plus stage IV chip

Stage V:
In most cases Stage IV plus (varies):
-Smaller pulley for the G60 supercharger
-Larger injectors
-Heavy-duty cam
-Full Porting mods – head, intake manifold, throttle body..
-Tuning Chips with different behavior, depending on other parts..

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