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Corrado G60 Buying Advice

Wondering what to look for when buying a G60 corrado? Then read on, this is common knowledge, advice and tips gathered from personal experience and online communities, in short.. Since our cars are now getting pretty old, you have to know that you corrado too, WILL break from time to time, but the following checklist and advice should help you cope with buying a corrado and maintaining it..
G60 supercharger is a fantastic thing when it works, and a freshly rebuilt supercharger unit shouldn’t make you problems, still if you get a faulty one it cancause troubles and isn’t cheap to fix. You’ll know that the Gladder is bad if it makes weird sounds, or the car is lazy and not pulling¬† strong.. Original corrado foglights are also a problematic feature because they tend to crack for two reasons, first is that they’re close to the ground and are exposed to hits of pebbles and other crap laying on the road, and the other (more common) is that the glass cracks due to temp differences in the rain or general cold weather, they heat up quite a bit and when showered with cold water they simply crack.. Original hella foglights for corrado are relatively expensive (and will crack again) but luckily there are some aftermarket or DIY replacements you could install..
Another common flaw on all corrados (G60 and SLC) is the sunroof, which gets jammed up and sometimes completely fails to work, or on other cases you an put it into “vent” position but cannot open it up entirely.
Rear speed activated spoiler on corrado also sometimes fails to operate, so it’s either not speed activated (you have to take it up manually using the switch below the steering wheel) or stops working completely, stuck in a single position.
Also some common issues are the seatbelts, motor mounts, belts (which you should replace anyway upon purchase of any used car), and obviously (if you cannot do it yourself) take a mechanic with you to check the engine and tranny (grinding while shifting gears etc) generally like on any other car, as fixing these can get expensive.
Try not to be put off by the list above, any car has flaws and common failures, but unlike any other cars, a corrado will put a smile on your face at an affordable price, and if you ask corrado owners whether it’s worth the hassle, most of them will definitely tell you YES.

Fantastic Black Corrado Flyby – great VR6 sound

This is one of the more famous Corrados out there (vortex crew will definitely recognize it), this is Oichan’s Black Corrado VR6 (from Japan), looks awesome and goes like crazy :) ¬†I picked it out for my first video post as I loved the video and car when I first saw it.. enjoy!

Hello world!

Welcome to my VW Corrado Fan Blog! I’ll give my best to make this a corrado resource worthy of bookmarking, since you’re here you probably also love the car (I had a black 1990 VW Corrado G60, but ended up selling it to replace it with a newer fancier car, which turned out to be one of the dumbest moves I’ve made in my life).. Corrado is fun to drive, reliable enough and relatively rare so unlike most of other hot hatchbacks, there’s the “cool” effect this sexy coupe from volkswagen makes on people :)

Enough for a first post, check back soon for more good stuff on all versions of vw corrado, from the 16V over G60 to the mighty Corrado VR6!